RFID Livestock Tracking

Improve your livestock operations and record keeping. RFID tracking by IDology can be integrated into your applications to improve speed and accuracy

Weigh-Rite Scale is an Authorized AWTX and RLW Distributor

Did you know? We customize IDology RFID devices to integrate with our weighing systems, allowing weight to be automatically tagged to RFID data. Get effortless, real-time weight data for your livestock.
Track weight for individual animals and monitor herd trends with the Feed Intake Tracking (FIT) system by IDology.
Automated weight tracking for individual animals and even monitor herd weight trends with the IDology Gain Analysis Integrated Network (GAIN) system.

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IDology RFID Readers & Equipment

IDology is a producer of comprehensive RFID tracking solutions. We work with IDology systems to bring efficient tracking options to agricultural weighing applications.

RFID Livestock Tracking
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