Medical Manufacturing Component Placement & Labeling

Weighing with exacting specifications

Medical industry manufacturers have very strict specifications for the assembly and labeling of their kits for medical procedures. Weigh-Rite Scale customers have been able to use custom scale applications to ensure this is completed correctly. One way we help our medical manufacturing customers in assembling kits is including in-process checkweighing of each component as it is placed in the package and checkweighing the entire assembled kit.

Medical packages and master packages also require printing a manufacturing date, lot number and expiration dates. Through customized applications, this data can be easily printed onto labels for the completed packages at a specified point in the assembly process. And to prevent wasted labels, our custom applications will not print labels for kits that don’t pass the checkweighing process.

Customized to specific processes

Additional custom applications can include performance tracking of assembly floor personnel. Scales can be set up to prompt the operator to enter an operator ID as they interact with the assembly line, such as applications in which the operator must scan the carton to make sure it is the right carton for that kit and then enter in a lot number, manufacturing date and expiration date. In this way, if a problem occurs, errors can be accounted for and the person who made the error can be easily identified and retrained. This valuable data helps to minimize errors in production and ensure product accuracy.

Our customers have many different variations of these types of programs written by our in-house programmers for their unique applications. This kind of program almost totally eliminates errors for those customers. Quality control is critical to the medical manufacturing industry and Weigh-Rite Scale has written custom programs to address almost all of the problems our customers encountered through prior manufacturing processes. Through only minor modification of our medical manufacturing customers’ current packaging methods we have incorporated scales into their lines and helped to ensure that all the components and labeling required for their products are completed correctly.

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