Morey’s Seafood New Process Development

Developing a new process for a new product line

Leading seafood processor Moreys Seafood International of Motley, MN, needed to develop a new process to ensure that a newly developed product was accurately packaged by weight. As a long time customer of Weigh-Rite Scale Co., they called us to see what we could do to help plan this new process.

Sales Engineer Brad Harder visited their location to observe the configuration of the existing packaging line and to take measurements and weight samples of the conveyed product. Because of the unique needs of food processing facilities, special attention was taken to plan for the environment and cleaning methods used on the product line. Moreys Seafood International processes thousands of pounds of fresh seafood daily and Weigh-Rite Scale Co. wanted to ensure that the new equipment would not slow down the production line processes or be difficult to clean between shifts.


Taking all of these factors into account, Weigh-Rite Scale Co. custom built a stainless steel, high-speed checkweigher, capable of weighing the new product while in motion. On the new system, packaged product is conveyed to the checkweigher, weighed, and passed to an “accepted” or “rejected” line without the need for additional handling by a worker. The checkweigher also tracks average weight, rejection percentages, items per hour, and rejection times, providing Moreys Seafood International with valuable data to correct production line issues before they become a larger problem and assuring that the end consumer will be purchasing exactly the amount of product expected.

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