Scales for Every Industry

Put our team to work to find the right fit for your business.

Weigh-Rite Scale Co. sells more than just weight scales. We're a full-service consulting company for businesses of all industries and sizes. Our sales engineers have been working to develop custom installs for our customers, from weight scales to full-service industry makeovers. Whether your company needs a custom think-outside-the-box install for specific layout or process requirements, we're ready to help. With unparalleled service in WI, MN, and across the U.S., we guarantee our scales are top-tier, quality products.

Wondering what we can do, or what scales we provide, for your specific industry? Browse our industry listings below:

  • Agricultural/Farming

    From moving commodities between farms to livestock and more, Weigh-Rite Scale Co. can help make weighing on the farm faster and more streamlined.

  • Shipping/Post & Mail

    Weigh-Rite Scale Co. can improve your retail and factory conveyor line weighing processes.

  • Trucks & Transport

    Need heavy-duty weight scales for a harsh environment? We've got you covered with truck and vehicle weighing scales.

  • Chemical & Pharmacy

    Great for clean washdown, lab, and even hazardous areas, Weigh-Rite Scale Co. can help you with bench scales, counting scales, and more.

  • Food & Beverage

    Weigh-Rite Scale Co. stocks weight scales that are sterile and sealed for food and washdown applications, whether you're a processor, producer, or distributor.

  • Manufacturing

    We specialize in industrial weighing applications for factories and industrial warehouses, including conveyor lines, forklifts, and more.

  • Construction

    Need to weigh waste, finished goods, or incoming resources? The engineers at Weigh-Rite Scale Co. can set you up with a great weight scale for your needs.