Construction Industry

Track production and reduce waste

Need a heavy-duty weighing setup? Weigh-Rite Scales works with construction firms to develop applications for weighing input, finished goods, and waste to help you maximize your projects. Create a complete, durable, and rugged weighing system for floor trucks, forklifts, bins, tanks, and more.

Weigh-Rite scales can stand up to tough construction industry applications for long-term reliable and accurate weighing.

  • RoughDeck AX 3040 Floor Scale

    Available in 7', 12', and 14' lengths. Steel or aluminum construction available, with 60,000lb or 80,000lb capacities.

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  • Off-road Vehicle and Truck Scale

    Designed to handle extremes for mining, quarrying, and excavating. Lifelong precision in demanding environments for oversize trucks and large loads.

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  • Pre-fab Truck Scale Foundations

    Steel or concrete foundations that can be set into place in a matter of hours. Can be moved without the added expense of building a new foundation.

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  • Steelbridge XT Steel Deck Truck Scale

    Extra-rugged Steelbridge XT design with steel decking. Great for extreme and demanding environments. High durability and corrosion resistance.

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  • Survivor LaserLight Stop-Go Display

    Clear red/green circles or green arrow to communicate movement and guide users through a process along with 6 red high-intensity red digits.

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  • GSE 660 Series Weight Indicators

    Fully programmable advanced weighing indicators. Up to 8 scale inputs. Fully configurable to your environment and application.

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This is just a sample of the many products we carry ideal for construction site applications. Call our team anytime at 888-446-3689 for your consultation on the many options available for your weighing processes.

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