Shipping & Mailing Industry

Accurate Legal-for-Trade Parcel Scales

Perfect for retailers, shipping facilities, and distribution centers, Weigh-Rite Scale Co. has scales that can handle parcels efficiently and accurately. Shipping scales can collect weight and tracking information for streamlined billing and loading.

Make your shipping processes run more smoothly with Weigh-Rite Scale Co.

  • NCI7620 Parcel & Letter Scale

    Suitable for weighing letters, parcels, flat & large packages up to 150lbs. High resolution and billing accuracy.

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  • NCI7824 / 7840 Parcel & Shipping Scale

    The NCI7824 and NCI7840 parcel scales are great for heavy or oversized packages. Weigh up to 300lbs on a scale up to 24".

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  • NCI7829 / 7880 Parcel & Shipping Scale

    Available in a variety of sizes and capacities, from 18"-20" weighing parcels from 150lbs-300lbs. Ball top platters available for conveyor integration.

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  • NCI7815 Shipping Scale

    Weigh packages and parcels up to 150lbs. Highly accurate and US Legal for Trade to charge by weight. Switch between lb/kg for flexibility.

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  • NCI7820B Portable Shipping Scale

    Fully portable bench scale designed to weigh parcels in shipping and mailing industries. Large backlit display, capacities to 200lbs.

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  • NCI7885 Parcel & Shipping Scale

    Postal scale with remote display and 7' cable for mounting. Optional ball top weighing platter. Integrate with 3rd party shipping software via RS232.

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This is just a sample of the many products we carry ideal for shipping applications. Call our team anytime at 888-446-3689 for your consultation on the many options available for your weighing processes.

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